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According to surveys conducted by Money Management, Australia's leading information resource for the investment professional, major financial institutions control over 80% of the advice market in Australia, and these institutions are also shareholders of other privately controlled financial planning dealer groups.

Based on the number of authorised representatives, the surveys show that Lifespan is one of the largest financial advisory companies that is not institutionally owned or controlled. Unlike all other advisory companies in Australia of similar or larger size, Lifespan has no ownership links whatsoever with outside product providers as it is fully owned by private interests associated with the Managing Director.

Lifespan provides wholesale securities dealer services principally to accounting firms but also to dedicated full time financial planners. Specialist planners often move to Lifespan in order to access accounting firms that are not sufficiently resourced to offer comprehensive financial advice to their clients.

Our mission is to provide financial planning practitioners with the best business arrangements, financial products, support services and software tools available on the open market so that they can profitably service their clients with best practice standards. Generally, our services include ongoing training, compliance, supervision, adviser help desk, loans and leasing arrangements, risk insurance, brokerage administration, online wrap services, paraplanning, practice development and marketing.

At Lifespan we promote the adviser's freedom to act as a true professional and act in the best interests of their clients rather than in the best interests of the shareholders of their Australian Financial Services Licensee.

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