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Wrap Service

What is a Wrap Service?

A Wrap Service is a system or platform for buying and selling a broad range of managed fund and direct share investments, and reporting on them in a consolidated way. Another way to describe
a wrap service is that it is a portfolio administration and transaction system that consolidates (or wraps) your entire diversified investment portfolio information into one database of records and reports. These reports include income, expenses, performance,
taxation, and portfolio mix.

Wraps solve the reporting headaches for investors who would otherwise receive separate reports for each investment they hold. Wraps also enable your adviser to easily rebalance the mix of your investments by switching out of one asset class or specific investment and into another.

Who is Omniport?

Omniport Ltd is an unlisted public company which issues the Omniport Wrap Service. Omniport Ltd is also a product sponsor of the Omniport
Superannuation and Pension Service. All these Wrap Services are administered by Avanteos Investments Ltd, the Approved Trustee which is ultimately owned by the Commonwealth Bank.

Omniport is wholly owned by the same shareholders as Lifespan Financial Planning (AFSL 229892) an independently owned financial
advice company established since 1994.

The Omniport Wrap Service was launched in 2001 and was the first wrap platform in Australia to employ the highly awarded and technically advanced Avanteos Investments Ltd wrap technology. The Avanteos wrap technology platform is now ultimately owned by the
Commonwealth Bank through the Colonial First State group of companies.

Where appropriate, Lifespan and other advisory companies use the competitively priced Omniport Wrap Service as a preferred wrap platform for superannuation, pension and non superannuation investment portfolios. Omniport provides investors access to
a comprehensive range of investments. This allows you to achieve a high level of diversification without the inconvenience of dealing with many investment managers and their separate reporting systems.
Omniport Wrap Service encompasses the Omniport Investment Service for regular investment money (including margin lending facilities) and the Omniport Superannuation and Pension Service for
superannuation savings or for drawing a pension income during retirement. Investments in all services can be consolidated into a simple set of reports.

Features of the Omniport Wrap Service

The service provides you with a holistic view of your financial position. This is achieved through integrating a range of comprehensive and innovative services including:

Managed Funds
You have access to an extensive choice of wholesale managed fund investment options which you may normally not have access to. The popular Dollar Cost Averaging strategy is available through the regular contribution facility.

Superannuation and Pension
Via the Omniport Superannuation and Pension Service you can access a range of wholesale managed funds and direct shares forming part of the ASX 300. The superannuation service can accept
all types of contributions including employer, salary sacrifice and personal contributions. The Pension Service can provide you with a regular income stream.

Direct Shares
For non-superannuation portfolios, Omniport allows your adviser on your behalf to buy and sell virtually any security listed on the ASX that can be traded through the CHESS system. Purchases and sales of shares are implemented through a preferred stockbroker. Shares are held on your behalf by Avanteos Investments Ltd who act as Custodian. While in most circumstances this will not affect your entitlements, you will not receive security holder communications or contract notes on transactions, nor have voting rights attached to your listed securities.

Your access to corporate actions such as rights issues and bonus shares etc will be via Avanteos.

Other details on how listed securities are treated within Omniport are available from the Omniport Superannuation and Pension Service Product Disclosure Statement and the Omniport Investment
Service IDPS Guide, or from your adviser.

Margin Lending

The Omniport Margin Lending Service is available to IDPS clients and allows your adviser to establish a margin loan facility on your behalf if appropriate to your situation. The loan service is fully integrated into the Omniport Wrap Service for reporting purposes.

Consolidated Reporting

The Omniport Consolidated Reporting Service gathers information from all services you participate in under the Omniport Wrap Service. This service provides a single view of your total financial position, including other investments you may hold such as retail managed funds, residential and investment properties and lifestyle assets. Your financial adviser will also have access to a wide range of specialist reports on your portfolio.

By using the advanced technology inherent within Omniport, your adviser is likely to have more time to devote to your investment portfolio, technical strategy and other advice needs rather than becoming bogged down in numerous reporting and calculation tasks associated with your investments.

Speak to your financial adviser today to find out how the Omniport Wrap Service can benefit you.

Disclaimer: The material provided in this document is provided for information only and constitutes general financial product advice.
It does not take into account your personal financial situation, objectives and needs. Consequently before acting upon the information in this brochure you should consider its appropriateness to your financial situation, objectives and needs.


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