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Lifespan is recognised as a strong industry participant and was a recent finalist for Dealership of the Year in the IFA Excellence Awards for 2019. 

We’ve created a series of interesting articles on a range of financial services topics, presenting our point of view on what’s happening in the industry today. We’ve also collected a few favourites from the broader market that may be of interest to you.

Read our articles and learn more about our thoughts on these topics and their impacts on you.

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Let’s make the Retirement Income Review Worthwhile

The federal government has appointed a panel to undertake a review of the three pillars of the Australian retirement income system: the age pension, the superannuation guarantee (SG) and voluntary contributions. Here are the key issues I believe the review panel should highlight for further attention.

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How the ban on adviser commissions could hit hip pockets

The federal government might have voted against a royal commission into misconduct in the banking and financial services industry 26 times but it’s making up for lost time.

This month the Senate passed the first substantive stand-alone piece of legislation relating to issues raised by the royal commission. The bill ends the payment of product commissions from fund managers, super funds, insurers and other financial product providers to financial planners and advisers.

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Your Personal Wealth, Winter 2020

Markets rebound off the back of COVID-19, however the resultant rapid increase in the frequency of trading sees regulators express their concerns.

Your Personal Wealth, Autumn 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in much of the global economy shutting down, with governments left to deal with a global pandemic … .

Your Personal Wealth Winter - 2019

Your Personal Wealth, Summer 2020

Credit, Cash or AfterPay?  How to spend more wisely over the Holiday period.

Your Personal Wealth Spring 2019

Your Personal Wealth, Spring 2019

The effects of the Royal Commission continue to hurt the industry, with client confidence in advice being one of the casualties.

Your Personal Wealth Winter - 2019

Your Personal Wealth, Winter 2019

Legislated changes in effect – Come July 01 how will you be effected?

Your Personal Wealth Autumn 2019

Your Personal Wealth, Autumn 2019

More Australians explore early access to their superannuation, but under what circumstances is this possible?

Your Personal Wealth Summer 2018

Your Personal Wealth, Summer 2018

Rocky road ahead or is this just part of a normal cycle?

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